Dani – Hungarian Lesbian Foot Erotic Sex Adventure Escort Berlin


Name: Dani for an extra charge
Working time: 24 hrs
Price 1 hour in Berlin: 90 €
Price 2 hours in Berlin: 170 €
Age: 21
Bra size: 75 B
Clothing: 34
Size: 165
Hair color: Brunette
Hairy: Unhaired
Origin: Hungary
Speaks: German
Natural sparkling wine: 10 €
Vibrator games (active): 10 €
Vibrator games (passive): 10 €
Lesbian games: 20 €
Striptease: 10 €
Special oil massage: 15 €
Body insaming: 10 €
Facial inseration: 20 €
Male surplus per 30 min. 1 man: 60 €
Bi service for women: 40 €
Bi service for couples: 60 €
Tongue kisses at sympathy: 10 €
Foot eroticism: 10 €
Lacquer/leather: 10 €
Latex/rubber: 10 €
Strap dildo: 10 €
Service included
Serves disabled people; Kissing; Change positions; petting and cuddling; Finger games (soft); Spanish; on request straps & high heels; French with; Transport (also several times); Verbal eroticism; Egg licking; Facesitting; Truck or car;

About me

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I love the men and like to turn their heads. It’s nice, because we’ll both find each other to give us beautiful erotic hours. Every guest should go out with me satisfied and I will never talk about what I have experienced. You are the man I just want to see happy. I have the gift of being able to adapt to every customer and to be adequate. Come on, let’s just be happy every second of a meeting. Men are men and they need a woman. And you shall feel them. You should get so many things that you don’t know where up and down is. You should feel everything that is good and right. You should feel everything, do everything and get everything. My warmth, my wetness. My hips and their power and the suction power of my mouth. The tongue will make you so many beautiful thoughts and fantasies, you will eat of it for years to come. What else can you want, if not that?

Sometimes life can be really lonely and you want more and more a man by the side who just rips the rudder around and drags you into these very special moments that give you the feeling of boundless freedom and warmth. I want such a man and hope that it is you who is reading my lines here. If you are the man of my desires, please call me. My number is stored in the profile. For me, sex is an easy thing. If you used to having sex exhausting, you will experience something completely different today. Just call me and ask for sex. You’ll be surprised that I say yes right away. Many women ask, hesitate and say no. The men are then frustrated. That’s different for me. I like sex and I need it every day. Since I don’t have a man today, you have very good chances. Your best friend will still experience my wet vagina today. You’ll see how much fun it was to be very close to me. I want to be very close to you. We don’t need feelings, they’re just disturbing.

Dani from Hungary pampers with lesbian service. It offers foot eroticism and a real sex adventure. At Top Escort Models Berlin you can call you and make an appointment.